Firefighter Support Foundation selects PPES Guardian® for helping firefighters get the collapsed-building training they need.

Sep 25
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New London, PA, September 29, 2015:
Through the combined efforts of the Firefighters Support Foundation (FSF) and Personal Protection Equipment Specialists (PPES), firefighters in southeast Pennsylvania will have the opportunity to experience confined-space training in a collapsed-building simulator that has been heralded as being “… as real as it gets.” Most of the cost will be underwritten by FSF, reducing the cost of the training program to $65 per firefighter, putting the program within reach of nearly all fire companies in the area.

“In today’s world, the need for confined-space training is more critical than ever, but even more importantly, it must realistically simulate an actual disaster right down to the most minute details. We are proud that FSF has selected the Guardian Safety and Survival Training Simulator and the PPES training team to facilitate this much-needed training,” said Tom Quinn, President of PPES.

The two-part, morning and afternoon training program will be offered at the Gordonville Fire Company in Lancaster County, PA, on Saturday, October 31, 2015 and repeated the followed day at the Tinicum Township Fire Company in Delaware County, PA. Due to the hands-on nature of the training, the number of firefighters for each day is limited and pre-registration is required at www.ppesguardian.com or by calling 800-736-2388.


The morning session, entitled “Fight For Your Life” is a program devoted to the survival tactics for firefighters and how they can avoid situations that could cause them to become lost, trapped or injured at fire ground. Based on NFPA 1404 Standard for Fire Service Respiratory Protection Training and NFPA 1407 Standard for Training Rapid Intervention Teams, case studies of common factors resulting in line-of-duty deaths will be reviewed, as will be basic survival terminology, developing a survival attitude, increasing situational awareness and mastering problem-solving techniques.

The afternoon session, labeled “Mayday,” will work on mastering the skills required when a “mayday” has been called. During this four-hour training session, firefighters will perform the life-saving tasks required in such a disaster situation. Based on NFPA 1500 Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program and NFPA 1001 Standard for Firefighter Professional Qualifications, such vital techniques as skip breathing, radio education, and the importance of knowing your location and remaining calm in a collapsed-building environment.


The Guardian was designed and developed by Tom Quinn, president of PPES, and was inspired by his experiences while providing support services at Ground Zero during the 9/11 rescue efforts. Quinn became aware of how severely handicapped first responders were due to the limited training they had received at that time. PPES also provides rescue training and certification.

First responders in both the public sector and in private industry will find themselves challenged by the training simulator’s ability to recreate hundreds of disaster scenarios, natural or man-made. Designed and manufactured by Personal Protection Equipment Specialists (PPES) of Atglen, Pennsylvania, the Guardian meets New York City standards while fulfilling the needs of FEMA Urban Search & Rescue operations, terrorist task forces, Federal law enforcement, the military, emergency medical service providers and local volunteer firefighters.


The training sessions will be conducted by Justin Seaman who is the Training Officer and Training Coordinator for two volunteer fire companies. In addition to his OSHA and NFPA certification, he is certified in Truck and Engine Operations, Rapid Intervention Mayday and Firefighter Survival Techniques. 

Joining him will be Brandon Watkins, a MICRB licensed instructor who serves as a rescue specialist on a FEMA USAR Task Force and is a nationally certified Instructor III, Fire Officer II and a Hazmat Technician.

Greg Leftwich rounds out the PPES Training Team, and is a nationally certified Firefighter II, Fire Officer 1, Fire Instructor 1, Hazmat Technician and trained in Swift Water Rescue, Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations.


Headquartered in Greenfield, Maine, FSF has made it their mission to assist firefighters and rescue personnel perform their jobs effectively and safely through no-cost or reduced-cost training. This non-profit organization also helps fire and rescue organizations acquire the much-needed tools that department budgets don’t provide.

FSF receives no government assistance, relying instead on private donations from citizens and businesses. While the focus is on assisting firefighters and rescue personnel to perform their jobs effectively and safely, the organization also provides equipment grants to under-funded agencies and helps families of fallen firefighters. More information about FSF can be found at www.ffsupport.org.

More information is available at the PPES website, www.PPESGuardian.com, or by contacting Jay Gundel & Associates at (302) 658-1674. Photos and tours of the Guardian are available by request.

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